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Pokémon Card in India

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Pokémon card is one of the fastest growing hobby in India at the moment but it didn’t really picked up the pace like other countries when Pokémon TCG industry out of nowhere blew up few years back and till to this day it has still maintained the fame and craze on it. The market of Pokémon TCG (trading card game) still hasn’t peaked in India and to be honest it is nowhere it as the potential of this hobby in India is massive like really massive that it can become a craze overnight but the only problem is that there isn’t much supply of official Pokémon TCG products in India and to make it worse, there is tons of fake Pokémon packs and booster boxes in India, you can easily find them by searching Pokémon cards on amazon or flipkart and the fakes are really easy to distinguished as the packaging and the quality will immediately give you an inferior product feeling once you feel it like the color or holo effect on the card or the quality of printing on the booster box & pack will not be anything like the original one.

Ash and Pikachu

Even though with all this obstacles, the craze of Pokémon TCG is only increasing day by day in India and it is nowhere near its potential and yeah I said that twice because I really want you to know that this hobby is going to be really big and as long as the supply of affordable licensed Pokémon products keep rolling in more and more, new collectors will come out naturally and yeah if you want to get official Pokémon product that are also affordable then you know where to come haha, sorry had to put a small advertisement for panda shop. Most of us has watched Pokémon at some point of our life and many are still hooked to it and with all those hours that we have spent on watching episode after episodes, we have kind of built a special connection with the show. If are just starting into this collecting hobby then I would recommend to go with what your heart is saying, like if you are more into generation 1 Pokémon’s then sets like Battle region and Dark phantasma will really impress you and if you have want to collect some expensive cards then sets like lost abyss, star birth will give you a really good pump of excitement while opening the packs and if you find any beautiful cards from our single card section then you can directly get them without having the need of opening bunch of packs for it and I am going to be honest, getting the card that you are chasing after directly will be much cheaper for you but the feeling you get while opening packs makes it worth it for sure and yeah I am not saying this to make you guys buy packs or booster boxes lol.

While buying your first packs or cards, always remember to get some card sleeves, they are basically a small plastic pouch for your cards and save your cards from getting scratches all over it and without the sleeve, any card can get easily damaged and that will bring down the value of your card. If the card is little expensive or from one of your main collection then you can use a top loader or semi rigid case for extra protection for your card and you can find most of the these items from our supplies (TCG) section. Majority of the TCG fans buys Pokémon cards these days for their collection so finding the value of your card will also be pretty important and exciting as well and for that we have also built a guide called “quick guide to check any card’s value”, you can click on the link and it will take you directly to it. The prices of the Pokémon cards changes frequently and it is pretty much like trading in stock market, the price of a card can be 61$ at morning and by end of the night it can be near 64$ and in long run, the price can rise up to 2x or even more of what you paid for it and if you got that card from a pack then congrats but one have to keep it in mind that the value of the card can fall too so always choose a card carefully. I think we should end this article now and before signing out, let’s do a quick summary : “Buy sealed or singles only after deciding what you need” and “always buy sleeves and top loaders to protect your cards” and then we talked about finding the value of your card and it isn’t explained in this article so you can head that guide that we just mentioned earlier to learn how to find your card’s value and like always, if you guys have any query or question then you can contact us on our Instagram account or you can also send the message directly from website chat so that will be all for today and see you on the next one…

Team panda shop

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