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(Quick Guide to Check Any Card's Value)

Let's go straight to it! I've been dealing with Tcg cards for a while now and it's pretty easy to determine the correct value of any cards whether it's pokemon or any sports card so let's start it.

TCG Cards

1. find the card's serial number. 

You can easily find the serial number of a card as they are usually mentioned at the bottom of a pokemon card (front) and on the sport's card, they are most of the time mentioned on the back of the card and to give you a better idea you can check the pic that i have provided on the above, the serial number of Aerodactyl V alt art is 106/100. let's move on to the next part now.

Ebay Dashboard image

2. Put the Card's serial number in eBay's search bar.

Well for this part, it's pretty much what the title says, and to make your job a little easier, you can put the pokemon's name or player's name along with the serial code like "106/100 Aerodactyl". By doing this eBay will show you the data of the exact card that you are looking for.

Dashboard Image
Complete Item Image

pic of "for sale data"

3.Enable the Sold items & Completed items!! 

We are almost finished so please bear with me, now after clicking the "search button" you will be bombarded with tons of available "for sale" posts of the particular card and you can find the value of the card from this data and that is by averaging the price of multiple "for sale" posts. 

Example: let's say you are searching the card value of the Aerodactyle V alt art and what you have to do is pick out some prices from the sale posts which you think are reasonable like in the above pic, you can pick out $41.80, $41.79, $39.99 and by a quick glance you can say that this card is selling for around $40 so the value of the aerodactyle alt is 40$ (INR 3,200).

You can also find the value of a card by checking the "sold data" of the card and I prefer this method over the above one as the final value that you get is based on the prices that "people have paid for" and to find the "sold data" of a card, you only have to scroll down a bit on the filter section (left site on desktop's website and on the top right side on the mobile) and enable the Completed items and Sold items (check the pic above the title no 3) then VOILA!!! you will get all the past sold data of the card then you have to do the same steps as I explained before, just pick out some prices from the "sold post" and I highly recommend choosing from the top as all of the recently sold data are at the top by default and then take out an average from those prices.

Ebay Dasgboard image

pic of "sold data"

Tenzin Nyima

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