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How long does delivery take?

Shipping information

We always pack the item that you ordered with bubble wraps and use good quality cardboard boxes so that your items always get delivered to your doorstep in the best condition. We are collectors ourselves so we know all the stress and excitement that you get filled with when you place an order, so we have built and made the website according to all the experiences that we had ourselves when we order hobby stuff online.

Processing time

We always keep our eyes on the order log so the moment we get an order placed, we start packing up the items right away and all the orders are dispatched within two days (ex: if you place an order on Tuesday then your order will be shipped by Thursday's midnight). You will be notified on your email and on your phone (SMS) once the items are shipped and a tracking number will be mentioned in that same notification. (in case you didn't receive the tracking number after 2 days then please contact us on our instagram acc. )

Estimated Delivery Time.

We provide two delivery options (you can choose them on the checkout page) 1. Normal Delivery (100rs) 2. Premium Delivery (200rs).

1. Normal Delivery

In normal delivery, we only use India post to ship your items and the estimated duration in India post is between 3-5 days (avg duration is based on our past deliveries with India post). They are pretty cheap when compared to other private shipping services but they have really impressed us with their performance. Cash on delivery is not available on normal delivery.


2.Premium Delivery 

In premium delivery, we ship ur order with private courier services through Shiprocket, the estimated duration is 3-5 days(which is similar to normal delivery) but the main reason why we have made premium delivery available even though the shipping duration is same cause private courier handles your package much better than india post throughout the delivery process so if your item is delicate then please go with premium delivery. Cash on delivery is available on premium delivery

Delivery Duration: After the order is dispatched, it will take between 3 - 5 days for the order to reach you.

Important: Don't opt for normal delivery, if you are going to make a COD order as it can lead to the cancellation of your order if we are not able to reach you afterward to rectify it.

In case a COD order isn't accepted by the customer then his/her address will be blacklisted and won't be allowed to make any purchase from the website unless it's a prepaid order.

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