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Star Birth Card Set List

Charizard V Alt Art

Charizard V Alt Art (sr)

$100(as of 12-08-22)

Arceus V Alt Art

Arceus V Alt Art (sr)

$85(as of 12-08-22)

Lumineon V Alt Art

Charizard Vstar Rainbow                          (hr)

$85(as of 12-08-22)

Arceus Vstar Gold

Arceus Vstar Gold (ur)

$45(as of 12-08-22)

Lumineon V Alt Art

Lumineon V Alt Art (sr)

Ultra Ball Gold Rare

Ultra Ball Gold Rare (ur)

Arceus Vstar Rainbow

Arceus Vstar Rainbow (hr)

Cynthia's Aspiration FA

Cynthia's Aspiration FA (SR)

$25(as of 12-08-22)

$32(as of 12-08-22)

$29(as of 12-08-22)

$25(as of 12-08-22)

Untitled-6-Recovered (1).jpg

Above Cardlist only comprises the rare cards of the set and if you are looking for the full card list then you can find it here.

Tenzin Nyima


The price of the cards are mentioned in USD and its just to give idea to the collector on the value of the possible hits.We have mentioned the value of the rarer cards so one can decide on which pack or booster box you should go for and the mentioned price may have increased or decreased at the time of you reading it as the value of TCG cards fluctuates a lot so to know the current value of a particular card, please visit eBay

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