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Are the products authentic?

All our products are Licensed and authentic

All the products listed on our website are authenticated by us and we are completely against the sale of non-licensed items so you can buy anything on the website without any worry. In case any fake or replicated item slip throughout the check then we will initiate a refund for the same.

Are the autographed memorabilia authenticated?

We will be soon launching an autograph memorabilia section and all the items will come with an authentication certificate of Beckett etc for the autograph.

Are all the items imported?

Yes, all the items are imported from different countries as the majority of the trending hobby items are not manufactured domestically such as pokemon TCG so importing them is the only option to make them available for you guys. 

Do we need to pay import tax separately?

No, the price listed on the website is the final price that you have to pay for the item and the only additional fee that one has to pay is the shipping fee. Other than in the case of pre-order, we only list the item on the website when the item reaches us.

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