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Buy Pokémon cards in India

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Hey there! Are you looking to start off your journey in collecting Pokémon cards or just looking to get a new card for your collection??, if that’s a yes then you just landed at the right place as here at panda shop, you can get all the things that you would need to kick off in this new hobby starting off from single cards which we have handpicked to put a smile on every different type of collector and if you are feeling lucky then we got packs and booster boxes and then to make sure that your cards stay safe we have card sleeves, top loaders and binders. We highly recommend putting all the expensive cards in a sleeve and then the top loader as without them any card can get damaged very easily.

Pokemon Cards

Ok guys now let me give you an rough idea on how booster packs and boxes works, if you are already aware of how guaranteed pulls of Japanese booster boxes works then you can skip the article from this part and maybe get some stuffs for you hehe and yeah don’t forget to use the discount code!!!. Every Japanese Pokémon booster boxes comes with few different rarity cards guaranteed by the manufacturer like one guaranteed card from “secret rare” (SR is a rarity in set) or one guaranteed card from the radiant and just like them, there are many other different guaranteed rarity as well. I would highly recommend “jp.pokellector” (search this website on google) to check out the different rarity cards of any sets and if you get confused about which pack or booster box you should get then please check the card list of the sets to find out the possible hit cards that you would want to pull from the packs and their prices are mentioned along with it too (the link for card list are mentioned under product pics). This is going to be all for this article and if you are still left with any doubt then please reach us out on our Instagram account or you can send direct message from the website chat too. Happy collecting….

From Team pandashop😊


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