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Shipment's Protection

Hey there, you probably came here after placing an order or you might be just roaming

around before getting something and in both cases, this short "Article/Policy" is gonna 

be very important for you as it will give you a basic idea on how to get your money back if things go south during shipping but don't get scared as it rarely happens but it's always better to be prepared than be sorry so let's get straight to it. 

Important: Please note that India post doesn't provide insurance coverage but stolen/lost packages cases through India post are extremely rare like majority around 80% of the orders have been shipped through India post at the panda shop and till now we have only 1 case of lost order as of 14-10-2022.

Panda Shop Seal

To minimize the cases of tampered orders, we recently came up with the panda shop seal which reads "if the seal looks tampered then please take a video while unboxing" so

once you receive the order, we highly recommend taking a video of unboxing the order even if there is no tear or damage on the box/envelope as the private shipping companies won't accept the claim at all without the unboxing video from the side of the customer. These are the usual requirements of the private shipping companies (India post doesn't provide insurance), when we file for an insurance claim-back if the order is damaged or stolen while in transit.

Panda Shop Sticker

To make the box/envelope harder to tamper from either side, we paste panda shop sticker in the middle of the backside and whenever an unauthorized person tries to open the box, most of the time both the seal and sticker will tear off but there is a chance that both of them might not get damaged so please always take a video while unboxing your order even if the box and seal/sticker looks perfect.


This security procedure is specially designed to minimize the tempered cases of orders (such as partial item or whole order being stolen while the order is in transit)


Ok now you must be thinking what if the item gets damaged while in

transit and the answer is same, it's the same procedure and here unboxing video plays a very important role as well and without it, you can pretty much expect that the private shipping company will reject the claim every single time.


So after reading this article/policy, you must have come to realize that if the order gets stolen/lost through India post then its the end and i am gonna be real it's pretty much over if your order gets lost/stolen through India post as they don't provide insurance but before you completely abandoned using India post, I would like to tell you that till now the safest shipping company that panda shop has used is India post, we have used them to ship over 200+ orders till now and there has been only one case of lost order and on the other side, we had plenty of lost/stolen orders with private couriers (around 4 cases out of 40 orders).


While taking the video of the unboxing, please start the video before opening the box/envelope so you basically have to keep one thing in mind and that is "you don't wanna give the private shipping company any chance to use something as an excuse to decline the claim" such as moving the box/envelope with content still inside out of the video frame while opening it or starting the video with already opened box/envelope etc so once again keep these magical words in your mind "you don't wanna give the private shipping company any chance to use something as an excuse to decline the claim".

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