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important: At panda shop, we usually try to fix all the warped cards by ourselves before putting them in the shop but sometimes we might miss a few of them so if you get a card with minor warp then please don't worry at all as it can be fixed very easily and is not considered a defect.



A: "Condition A" includes cards that are mint or nm (near mint).

mint: a card that is in perfect condition and has no defect or print line. (on grading scale: 10)

near mint: a card that is in beautiful condition and almost as perfect as mint but has either few or very minor whitening on the edges/corners or print lines and if a card has both "very minor" whitening on the edge/corner and print lines then the card won't be considered in "Condition A" and will be degraded to "Condition A-" but in few cases, a card with both the minor defects might get considered in "condition A" if overall the card is still in "nm - mint" state (on a grading scale: 8-9)


A- : "Condition A-" includes cards that are not as pretty as "condition A" card and have defects such as a card with minor-mid whitening on the edge/corner or multiple print lines (2-3) and if the card isn't in good condition to be in "A-" then the card will be degraded to "Condition B" but a card with a combination of both minor-mid whitening on the edge/corner and print lines will be considered in "Condition A-". (on a grading scale: 7-7.5 )


B: "Condition B" cards are not sold at the moment.


*There might be an update in the blueprint of the conditions in the future to improve your experience with us*

All the cards with a value of 1500rs+ will be shipped in a top loader.

Pikachu 025/165 C (State A)

  • Every price listed on the website is the final price that you have to pay for the item (only shipping fee needs to be paid during checkout) so the import duty charges are already included. All of the items sold at Pandashop are checked thoroughly and authenticated so there is no need to worry about getting counterfeited or unlicensed items.

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